Plant-based Asian food that is ready to heat, delicious, and easy!

- Aromatic spices such as our fresh chillies, lemongrass, coriander and cardamom.
- No artificial flavours, colours, or fillers.
- Conveniently stores in the freezer for a fast meal.
- Healthy, delicious and uses real ingredients.
- Authentic flavours.
- Completely plant-based, guaranteed.

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When can I expect my delivery?

Based on the above table, you can see the estimated delivery day to specific regions based on the day you order. We have a cut off onSUNDAY MIDNIGHTand deliver the following week.

What's the delivery process like?

We have a cut off every SUNDAY MIDNIGHT. We pack all orders on Monday and will deliver them to you according to our delivery schedule table.

We will send an email confirming the delivery date on Monday night.

There will be a text message from the courier with tracking sent the night before the delivery date at 8.00 - 8.30 pm and have a follow-up message once delivery has been completed.

What if I am not at home on the delivery date on schedule?

No worries! You can let us know in a customer note in check out what date you want it to be delivered. We also can deliver on weekends in most areas if you are at work on weekdays.

Are there any delivery fees?

All orders over $99 have free delivery; otherwise, it is flat rate 10 dollars delivery.

Are your products Vegan Friendly?

Yes, all our dishes are 100 % vegan!

Which meals have No garlic & No onion?

We have created a specific bundle called Plant-Based NOG No Garlic No Onion. This bundle has been made for those that are intolerant to garlic & onion, which includes the following meals:

1) Plant-based BBQ Pork with noodle

2) Plant-based sweet and sour stir-fry

3) Plant-based BBQ Pork Buns

4) Plant-based Mushroom buns

5) Plant-based Thai Mushroom Dumpling

6) Plant-based Mushroom Noodle

7) Plant-based Chicken fried rice

8) Plant-based Bacon fried rice

Are any meals gluten-free?

Unfortunately, this isn't something we offer as of yet. But this may be something we will provide in the future.

However, we currently do have meals that have low gluten. These meals have nearly no gluten in them except the soy sauce that has a tiny amount of wheat.

The meals are

Chilli Tofu Stir FryChinese Sweet and Sour Stir-fryTeriyaki TempehThai basil pork with riceBacon fried rice

Where can I find nutritional information?

You can click each product page and scroll to the bottom to find Nutritional information.

Do any of the dishes contain alcohol? 

Yes, some dishes contain alcohol. They are the following:

- Teriyaki Tempeh

- Signatures dumpling soy sauce

- Miso Ramen (Miso contain alcohol)

- Mushroom dumplings, Pork basil dumplings, XLB Pork and Mushroom dumpling, come with soy sauce that has alcohol, but the dumpling themselves don't have.

- The vegetable spring rolls and Pork Spring Roll come with a sweet and sour dipping sauce, which has alcohol. However, the spring rolls themselves don't have alcohol.

Which dishes don't contain mushrooms? I have a gut problem.

The following dishes do not contain mushroom

- Chilli Tofu stir fry-Chinese Sweet and sour stir fry- Teriyaki Tempeh- Satay stick- Pork basil dumpling (Contain some mushroom sauce)- Pork basil buns  (Contain some mushroom sauce)- Massaman buns- Pork and Veg spring roll- Vegetable spring roll- Thai Basil Pork with rice

Is any dish spicy? I cannot eat spicy food.

No worries! Most of our dish are not spicy. Only Green Curry and Panang Curry dish are spicier than the other dishes.