• 1. Select Your Meals

    Simply head to the subscription page and choose the items you want delivered.

    Get Plant-Based Asian Inspired meals, delivered to your door at the intervals you like.

    Change or cancel at anytime!

  • 2. Place Your Order

    Simply add your items to the cart and checkout as per normal.

    The discount will automatically be included in the product pricing.

    Get 20% Off Your First Box and then 15% Off all future boxes.

    No discount code required.

    Bonus: Get Free Surprise Meal on orders to the value of $149 (before discount)

  • 3. Enjoy Delicious Meals Delivered To Your Door

    For delivery the following week, the order cut off date is Sunday midnight. (Delivery Dates)

    We will send you a reminder 2 days before your reoccuring order on our Sunday cut-off just in case you want to make any changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is benefit of Pam Pam Subscription?

1) One of the main benefits is that you don't have to worry about placing order before the cut off Sunday cut off each week.

2) Your discount is automatically applied at the checkout. Get 20 % off your first order and then 15 % off all future orders.

3) You will get a free meal of the week selected by us when you spend $149 (before discounts) to your subscription. If you want to have a specific item, you can send us a message.

How can I manage my subscription?

When you place your order, you will recieve an email confirming your subscription. (Double check your promotions folder if you don't get it right away).

Within this email, there will be a button you can click to manage your subscription. This will automatically connected to you based on your email.

This link expires after 7 days. The link will be sent again 2 days before the next order is dispatched. However, we encourage you to REGISTER for a Pam Pam account. Make sure to use the same email address you used to place your subscription order.

If you need help with changing your subscription, you can watch the video here.

When does my next order generate?

All orders are processed through our systems on Sunday.

The time of processing depends on what time you originally placed your order. Example: You placed your original order with us on Wednesday at 1 pm, then our system will process the following orders on Sunday 1pm.

The frequency of the orders being processed will be depending on the order frequency you chose. The new order will generate the Sunday before your next order is due to arrive.

Can I pause or cancel my subscription?

Yes! To pause your subscription, just go to your dashboard.

You won’t receive any further charges or deliveries until you unpause it again.

Or, you can cancel completely going to the Subscription Settings page on your Dashboard.

Need help? Watch the video here.

Can I change my subscription?

Absolutely! The power is in your hands!

To change frequency, meal options or payment details, simply log into your dashboard.

If you need help you can watch our tutorial video here. Or click here to contact us.

Do you have a minimum order for subscription ?

No, we don't. You can order in any amount but the more meals you order, shipping fee decrease plus if you order more than 149 dollars we will add FREE 1 surprise meal of week for you.

The shipping fee are as follows;

Orders $49.99 and under, delivery is $20

Orders $50 to $74.99, delivery is $15

Orders $75 to $118.99, delivery is $10

All orders over $119, delivery is free!!

Can I change my meals in subscription?

Yes, you can. If you need to make changes to your meals, you should do so before your orders process each week on Sunday and edit your meals for the coming delivery cycle.

To do this simply log into your account (via the menu or 'person' symbol on our website) and click on Manage Subscription. On the right hand side you will see that there are options to pause, skip, cancel and resume your meal box subscription.

We will send email on Friday to remind you about upcoming order.

  • “We got our first delivery yesterday and we're blown away by the quality and flavour. You will be the only frozen meals in our freezer from now on... Thank you for your effort and passion, you have created something amazing.”

  • “These dumplings were the absolute BOMB. They've made me want to venture more into the plant-based foods are, because they legitimately could have been actual pork, to my palate. Brilliant!”

  • "The meals are delicious. Great sizes, flavours are perfect & everything I tried so far has been good. Thank you Pamela. Will be doing another order this weekend."